August 30, 2014

Literary Pick (*****)

SLAVE: My True Story
-Mende Nazer
-Damien Lewis

My throat is filled with emotion. So deeply evocative.

Heart-wrenching, and unbelievable story. I spend 6 hours straight reading this book because it was simply impossible to put down. Possibly the best true story account I've ever had the honor of reading.

What I find even more inconceivable than the actual raid and kidnapping, if that's at all possible, is how Al Koronki and his bitch wife have not been extradited back to London where this crime was committed, so he could be tried and convicted. I'm not an attorney, but I can come up with at least a couple dozen questions asking him how exactly did he came about finding Mende, and how on hell was he able to even get a visa for her to enter the U.K. from Sudan when she obviously had no paperwork that proves her existence as a human being on this earth at all to begin with.

Also, if the Sudanese government denies any of these allegations of raiding and kidnapping, why haven't they gone to Rahabs house to see what Nanu is doing there? that girl, woman, person needs to be rescued, immediately, right this very minute! What the fuck is going on with people of power in London? It's like they have their heads up their asses.

Also why haven't they visited Abdul Azzim, and see what him and his wife are up to? I don't understand any of this. Why hasn't any of these people brought to trial, or even investigated?

I was relieved to find out through a google search that Mende was finally able to be re-united with her parents after all these years.

You are a remarkable woman, Mende. Keep up the wonderful work in helping stop this modern-day atrocity.


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