July 27, 2014

Literary Pick (****)

What Remains
-Carole Radziwill

Allow me to preface my review by expressing that Carole's narrative surrounding the deaths of JFK Jr., Carolyn and Lauren Besset, and the death of her own husband Anthony Radziwill, 3 weeks later was quite fascinating. But of course, any book that discusses the last days of JFK JR. and his young wife Carolyn Besset, is going to be an instant New York Times best seller, regardless of who wrote it. Take those two out of the equation, and it wouldn't be such an interesting read. It's like she wrote the book to prove to people who've never heard of her or her husband, that she was very good friends with Kennedy Jr and his wife Carolyn.
My theory about Carole Radziwil is this: anyone who agrees to be part of the cast of the Housewives series (and I watch them all) lacks decorum and class. I think she would like the audience to believe she's a selfless, high-class, intelligent, and chic member of high society. She would like you to also believe she is gracious, compassionate, even merciful, but she doesn't really convince me.
When I see her speak, all I see is false modesty. In the show she behaves like a cliquey mean girl, and she's what, like 50?
Then my suspicions were confirmed when I got to the part of how she treated her dying husband during his last days. Someone should tell her that there's an ocean of difference between being stoic and being soulless.
I also felt incredulous at the way she described her courtship, and marriage to her husband. It has to be obvious to everyone that isn't blind that they were in a loveless marriage. He married her because he knew he was in trouble. She married him because of his name. I don't remember there being any mention of laughter, or passion in their entire relationship, and I even got the feeling that she couldn't wait for him to die so she could finally move on with her life. 

Also, does anyone know anything about Kingston NY? it's a fucking dump full of crime, and Suffern? inbreds.. She speaks of these places as if they're magical, as if she's trying to make it something it's not because she's embarrassed of what it really is, where she really comes from. I am honestly not trying to be a hater, I have nothing against her, I just see this phoniness that really annoys me, and I want to put it on blast. .

Also, I don't think Carole should be throwing stones at "tragedy whores'" houses..

With all that said, I really enjoyed the gossipy undertones of the book. It hit the spot.


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