August 26, 2014

Literary Pick (*)

Naked Lunch
-William S. Burroughs 

I don't have a review. I have questions.

First of all, I wish someone would've told me this wasn't a novel.

Second, why would you want to waste your time reading a book by a drug addict who claims he doesn't even remember writing it? especially a book that doesn't even make any fucking sense?
I'd like to know what made so many readers carelessly, and hypnotically relinquish their time so willingly to read this bizarre, idiotic, and pointless account of someone in a constant drug-induced state?

I'm not afraid to give this book one star. I fucking hate Jack Kerouac,  and William Borroughs too, and all the Beat generation assholes, and their soulless dreary, drab lives.


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