September 10, 2014

Literary Pick (****)

A Prairie Tale
-Melissa Gilbert

I think, for the most part, I really enjoyed this memoir. She talks about a lot of the actors and shows I grew up watching, and the book is overall a pretty good lazy-day read. However, the thing that annoyed me is her claim to being a genuine addict and alcoholic. I just don't buy that part of her story. Not saying she didn't do drugs and alcohol, but I don't think she was as hardcore as she wants you to believe.. It seems to me actors claim addiction to be a struggling badge of honor, and it's so played out.
Sure, she experimented with drugs, just like most people do during their adolescent and young adult years. It's just so annoying that she wants you to believe she truly and legitimately struggled with addiction. Yes, I did enjoy her life story, but she comes off as someone who wants to be perceived as a flawed little miss goodie two-shoes. Hearing her talk about her "addictions" and AA meetings induced major eye-rolling moments for me, but other than that I really enjoyed this memoir.

btw, I hate the book cover, it's really tacky. It looks fundamentalist.


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