October 10, 2013

Literary Pick (***)

Waiting for Godot
-Samuel Becket

Ironically, I began appreciating this play by reading the single star reviews on Goodreads. Only then did I began to reflect and feel a bit of melancholy for these two characters. The symbolism in it is strikingly touching. There's something so pitiful, so sad about reading this play. However, there was something missing in it for me... I've been emotionally pre-occupied, so I believe that played a role in how I received this work..but I could envision the actual play in my head, the on-stage dialogue, the acting.., and so I went on Youtube and did a search, and I clicked on the TV production from 1961, starring Burgess Meredith and Zero Mostel, and it was exactly what I had imagined, and it is indeed a wonderful piece of work. I can see why Waiting for Godot is regarded as a masterpiece.


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