May 24, 2013

Literary Pick (*)

Mein Kampf
by Adolf Hitler 

My one star review has nothing to do with the fact that this book was written by Hitler. My review is purely based on the fact that it took me 7 months to finish reading it. Not because it was a difficult read, but because, as cliche as it sounds, it was tediously boring and uninteresting.

The one thing that kept going through my mind as I spent months reading it was how embarrassing it was. Hitler comes off as painfully ignorant, and not the kind of ignorant you call someone when you want to dismiss their ideas because you can't come up with a proper opposing argument, but the kind ignorance that sheltered people possess, very much like the kind of ignorance and narrow-mindness evangelicals and hard-core Christians exhibit.
I read this book out of pure curiosity, just to see what kind of things he wrote, and perhaps for some insight on his personal life, which by the way was minimal. The entire book is political rubbish. I read somewhere that he later expressed regret on writing Mein Kampf, but am unable to find the reason why. I wonder if it's because he later realized how crudely obscene and vulgar he portrayed himself.

This book has made me carefully choose the books I read from now on. I don't ever want to go through what I went through with this book ever again.


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