April 5, 2012

Literary Pick (**)

Breaking the Surface
-Greg Louganis

I owned this book for quite some time, but for some reason or other continued to put off reading it. Not sure why I've always admired Greg Louganis.. I'm not a big Olympic follower, and I'm not into swimming as a sport either. Perhaps my admiration for him began after he hit his head on the springboard during the 1988 Olympics in Seoul Korea, and much later hearing the news of his HIV status, which I could've sworn he came forth with immediately after his diving accident, but it turns out he actually came out in 1994. In this bio Greg Louganis comes off as whiny and self-pitying. I was initially taken back by it. He has never appeared like that in his televised appearances... I thought it would have an affect on how I felt about Louganis, but after finishing I've decided I still think he's a remarkable athlete who's been through a lot. I feel sad that he hasn't been able to find a meaningful relationship, which seems to be something important to him. I hope he continues to do well in life and in health.


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