September 20, 2011

Literary Pick (****)

The Duel
-Anton Checkhov

I did not expect this book to make me laugh, and I especially didn't expect it to be so good. I picked it up on a whim at the local bookstore. I knew I'd one day want to read something by Anton Chekhov, and this seemed like a cautionary introduction to his work, since it's a short read (about 161 pages). I actually enjoyed his style of writing more than Tolstoy's. Tolstoy took himself too seriously and did not seem to have a sense of humor.. looks like Chekhov did.
To me this book is a petite morality manifesto. I wish modern-day writers would address morality issues more often and more seriously, if at all. It makes me feel terribly old-fashioned and prudish, but it seems that anyone who gets anywhere near the subject of morality comes off as a total fanatic fundamentalist wack-job. The only other respectable writer who addresses morality issues with such vehement passion was Tolstoy, which is why I loved the Kreutzer Sonata. I'll definitely keep an eye out for more of Chekhov work. Any recommendations are appreciated.


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