July 7, 2011

Literary Pick (*)

On The Road
-Jack Kerouac

Ok. I'm done with reading about peoples boring lives.
Seriously though, let's examine this for a moment...What was so interesting about their road trip? What part of this book was remotely poignant and or even mildly entertaining? Honestly, to me, they were just a bunch of losers traveling just to be cool and have "experiences".
I don't mind reading about Che Guevara's revolutionary journey throughout south America, or Maria Callas' tumultuous love affairs, or Peggy Guggenheim's quest for the next great artist, but I refuse to read anymore books on the lives of supposed literary geniuses such as Violette Leduc, Fernando Pessoa, and Jack Kerouac, who in my opinion are very selfish people. First of all I have a lot of problems with our society today as it is, so to see these clowns doing nothing, adding nothing to our earth, and just taking away, it makes me sick. I think these people are so disgusting, and to think anyone would be interested in reading about their "experiences" is rather narcissistic and egotistical. Only in our generation of reality TV and senseless shows on the endless possibilities of people's stupidity can a book like this be enjoyed. Deep down inside I knew "On The Road" wouldn't be the kind of book i would enjoy, just the title alone, "On The Road" sounds so annoying and cliched...on the road with whom? and what exactly happened to you on the road that was so important you felt the need to write about it? did you lose an arm, your dignity, a friend? if none of these things happened to you and you're just writing to tell me all about the fun times you had on your very unique journey, please save your breath. I'm not amused nor interested in grown immature men looking for fun times on the road and writing memoirs about it. It is so beyond idiotic. If Kerouac was as gifted as Yates, I could see accepting it as an idea in literature, but Kerouac doesn't even come close to being as endowed. Sure he's talented enough to get by as a writer, but so what? why couldn't he write for a magazine and be happy it? How is Kerouac a great writer? Point me in the direction of brilliant passages in this book, please, because I haven't been able to find one.
I'm mostly angry at myself, because in my quest to experience many different kinds of writing, styles and themes I've had to trudge through many of these books, and every time I believe each one will be different, but they're not. I truly believe this book became popular by beat generation groupies/hippies looking for something to grasp, something to believe in, something to be a part of other than their useless existence. The beat generation is not much different than the generation we're living in now.



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