February 20, 2010

Literary Pick (***)

It's Always Something (Gilda Radner)

I feel guilty not giving this a 4 or 5 star review because I love Gilda so much. I thought she was hysterical. It wasn't one of the best written biographies, but I couldn't put the book down either. It was interesting to read about her struggle with cancer and her never-ending relapses. She was one amazingly strong person. I know that's what people usually say to describe other people, but you should read this bio so you know what I mean. She lived through one stroke of bad luck after another. I don't even know where she got her strength from. Kudos to her husband Gene for sticking by her side. What a shame how she finally ended up dying. Life can be so cruel sometimes.

I read the 20th "newly revised" anniversary edition with a forward by Alan Zweibel, and I wonder why they didn't give the reader an update on her death later on. Fortunately I had already found out on the internet some months back, but they should definitely add that in future revisions.

We still love you Gilda!!


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