November 15, 2009

Literary Pick (**)

A Farewell to Arms (Ernest Hemingway)

Hemingway is very straight-out and to the point in his writing style. He does not emotionally embellish at all. I felt the novel was misleading and slightly more about the war than about the romance between "an English Nurse and a Lieutenant". It was a very easy and comfortable read, but also very boring. The romance between the two seemed chanced and meaningless. I felt no sentimentality about the ending.

..I loved Rinaldi.

"How are you baby? how do you feel? I bring you this-" It was a bottle cognac. The orderly brought a chair and he sat down, "and good news. You will be decorated. They want to get you the medaglia d'argento but perhaps they can get only the bronze".
"what for?"
"because you are gravely wounded. They say if you can prove you did any heroic act you can get the silver. Otherwise it will be the bronze. Tell me exactly what happened. Did you do any heroic act?"
"No", I said."I was blown up while we were eating cheese".


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